Jensen Interceptor 17″ Wheels and more.

So, it would seem it has been some time since I made a post on this site. Nearly as long since I have done any real work to the car. This is not to say I have done nothing though.

 I have started stripping the old rotten insulation from the firewall and made access to the passenger side windscreen washer nozzle so I can get that replaced. It is often said that the car is built around this part, and I agree. It was a major pain to get to, involving removing of insulating trim and then drilling a hole in a fibreglass cover, then hacksawing that open to gain access. At least now I have access and as soon as I find some suitable nozzles, I can get the windscreen washer system fitted.

I am not sure what I will replace the insulation with. The car had been fitted with some sort of rubber foam that has a layer of a dense material, I think lead, and then a reflective foil on top of that. The foam had mostly disintegrated and the lead/foil layer virtually falls off when you touch it. Easy to remove, but getting the layer of foam that remains glued to the car off is going to be a challenge, especially with the motor and gearbox in place. It won’t be easy to put new stuff on either.

Maybe the motor should come out. But what would go back in?

I have been toying with the idea of fitting an LS3 motor and modern gearbox, as fitted to the Interceptor R. The benefits are many, but I can not imagine it would be a particularly easy job.