Interceptor Dos and Don’ts

Just found this on this thread of the Jensen Owners Club forum…

1. If you don’t love your car, sell it to someone who does. Otherwise you’ll resent every cent you spend on it and the car will deteriorate.

2. Don’t be fanatical about originality, there are enough museum pieces around. The engines have a lot of potential…

3. Throw the exhaust manifold away, (it was made for a truck), and get custom headers made. (see point 2).

4. Do the Mitsubishi alternator upgrade, it is the best upgrade you can make, followed by the fast wind starter. both will transform your car.

5. Get rid of the heads and replace them with Edelbrocks… see 3 and 2 above. You will need to lower the suspension due to the reduced weight…

6. Drive it often, you need a return on your investment.

7. They do stay cool with the right rad and fans, but you’ll need the Mitsi alternator to run them…. mine stays cool in 38C so yours will too.

8. A big, fat spark makes a difference, consider electronic ignition.

9. Don’t worry about the fuel cost, you knew what you were getting yourself into when you bought it… see 1. above.

10. Congratulate yourself, you own one of the coolest cars out there