Interior bits

Been doing a bit of work on the car the last few weekends whenever I have had a chance to get out to the garage. Sunday April 25 I decided to take the door panel off the passenger side door to start investigating the issues with the electric window motor on that side of the car, though I think I will just replace the motors on both side of the car as a matter of course. I know the nylon bushings in the motor gearbox has died on at least one side of the car once before and been replaced with bits of dowel cut to size. It may have been replaced on both sides so they really should both be done, even though the passenger side window stays up, unlike the drivers side which has completely failed.


Once I got the door off I noticed that the speaker is still the original speaker, and the cone has come away from the frame, so I shall buy some new speakers for the car as well. I thought these had been replaced some time ago but it must have only been the rears that got changed.  I am not sure what I will do about a head unit, I am sure I have seen a company that do conversions with modern head units hidden behind old 8-track unit faceplates.  The idea of that really appeals, especially if I can plug my iphone into it and just use it as an amp and volume control, and maybe a radio.

While I was removing the door trim, I dropped one of the screws and it went down into the side sill panel trim, so I had to remove that to retrieve the screw.   The sill looked to be quite sound, no massive holes of rust.  There is one little bit though which should get welded up before it becomes troublesome.


You have got to love hand built cars, on the back of every interior panel you will find the chassis number of the car handwritten by the craftsmen, usually either on a bit of tape stuck to the back of it or directly on the panel as seen here on the back of the door trim.


So I have not as yet bench tested the window motor and don’t know if I will now, I will just replace them both I think.  So nothing else has come out of the door as yet.

Today I thought I would look around the rest of the interior to see what else was needing doing, what was missing, and what was there but not on the car.


As you can see here the horn button and pad was not on the steering wheel, and the trim around the ignition barrel had been removed. I fixed the steering wheel up, put the circlip on the end of the steering column that prevents the wheel sliding off, found all but two of the screws that hold the wheel to the boss, though one of them had had the slots in the head chumped and it could not be turned with the screwdriver.  I could only find one of the screws and washers to attach the horn pad to the wheel.

Dad had told me that the ignition key should not be removed or else it won’t go back in.  This was why he had removed the ignition barrel trim panel.  I pulled the key out and it went back in fine.  Several times.  So I put the trim panel back on and then went to reinsert the key, and guess what…  wont go back in.  Happy days.  This is going to require some surgery to fix.  So I removed the drivers seat from the car, pulled the steering wheel and boss off and removed the padding/trim strip that goes along the bottom of the dash top.  This trim covers the screws that hold down the trim panel that goes around the base of the steering boss/indicator stalk and hopefully, fingers crossed, will open things up enough to remove the steering lock from the steering column.  Hopefully there is easily accessible plugs in the wiring too, I would hate to have to cut the wires, so I can get the lock off to take to a locksmith.  Alas it was dinner time by this stage so I have not yet had a chance to pull that last bit off.

Speaking of the seats, the leather on the seats in the car is a special order, and has a very unusual grain.  Which means its hard to match for replacement.  The back seats are not too bad though I have noticed strange circular patterns in the leather which could be the result of some bug getting into it?  Or maybe its just dried out?  I have some Connelly Leather cream to rub in and see if that helps at all.  I would hate to have to retrim all the car but the drivers seat especially will need it.  The base has come apart and the foam is split and gone hard and powdery.  You can buy new foam pieces to put in and trim, so I guess I will need to do this to the drivers seat at least.  I should take the seat to an upholsterer to see if anything can be done to save it first though I guess.


The dash is going to have to come out too at some stage.  This is a job I am really not looking forward to, but the heater core has a leak so needs to come out to be fixed or replaced.  These things are set to test us, and whats the point in having a project car that does not require work doing, huh?