Jensen Interceptor S

The good news is that the Jensen Interceptor S project has been saved.  Jensen International Automotive LRD was formed in April 2010 and are developing the Jensen Interceptor S.

The Board is managed by Tony Banham with support from one of Britan’s most successful businessmen, Charles Dunstone of Carphone Warehouse who also happened to be one of the first to buy an Interceptor S.

The Jensen Interceptor S is built around a donor Interceptor, so it is technically not  a new Interceptor.  The donor car is stripped to a bare shell, restored, rustproofed, resprayed and re-engineered .

And what a job they do too, out goes the old Chrysler lump which is replaced with a GM LS3 V8, putting out a healthy 429bhp.  Transmission is improved as well, gone is the old Torqueflite 727 and in comes either a 4-speed self shifter, or a 6-speed manual.

Handling is improved with a new independent rear end, and a big 6-pot AP brake system under new 17″ wheels.  The wheels are basically the same design as the original Mk3 GKN alloys, only with a larger diameter and a bit less webbing around the spokes, which is real testament to the nearly 40 year old design of the wheels.

The new car is considerably lighter than the original, apparently around 400kg lighter!  That along with the more powerful motor, far better transmission and gearing, sees 0-60mph in under 4.5 seconds, compared to around 7 seconds for the original car.  Top speed is now over 160mph (130-140mph for the original) and fuel consumption better than 20mpg (compared to about 10mpg!).  Impressive numbers to say the least.

JIA plan to build 18 Interceptor S a year, with about a 4 month build time per car.  Prices start at ₤105,000.

All photos in this article are from the Jensen International Automotive website.