YouTube video of the Jensen Interceptor

Welcome along to my brand new blog Interceptor III, which will follow the fixing up of Jensen Interceptor III 128/4633. To kick things off, here is a video I made back in 2005 when I first fired the car up after a 10 year layup in Dads shed.  I bought it home in Jan ’05 and have not done a whole lot to it, but that is about to change, wife permitting of course.


  1. Nick says:

    Hi Nigel. good to hear the beast running. Didn’t know you knew Steve. He is a good mechanic. Good luck with the task at hand.
    Cheers Nick

    • Nigel Honey says:

      Thanks Nick, yeah well this video was 5 years ago now… How time flies. Steve used to live over the road from me, which was handy. Have not seen him since he moved…

    • Nigel Honey says:

      Hi Brook
      It’s Nige, not Nick.

      Wow, awesome project, no doubt will upset a few purists but I look forward to seeing it finished.
      Have you shown this to Keith (I think it was) who originally did the design?

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