Update on Nige’s cars

So, the blog has been somewhat neglected. Needless to say, Jensen Interceptor 128/4633 is now on the road again, and has been since July 2014. There is still a bit of sorting out to do with the car – there is runout on the back right wheel hub which causes a ticking noise that disappears when you put your foot on the brake, and the new radiator seems to leak from various places at times. The power steering is still leaking it seems, and the car has blown another exhaust manifold gasket (that one only lasted a year!). Apart from these issues it is running well. The bodywork will be needing some work at some stage.

Jensen Interceptor

December 2014 I also bought a 1995 Mazda MX-5 (Miata), the classic one with the pop-up headlights. Great fun little car. Also giving radiator problems… needs a new one sooner than later.

1995 Mazda MX-5 Miata

I will blog about this car on this page as regularly as I do the Jensen I guess (I really should do more!) but most stuff gets covered on the forum anyhow…

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  1. Richard Scobie says:

    How is the old Jensen going now Nigel?
    I can’t find anything on the website for the last 6/7 years.
    Richard Scobie.

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