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727 to 518 conversions

Interceptor, SP, FF

by Interceptor3 » Sat Aug 06, 2011 11:21 am

Some links to some pages about this conversion (Not necessarily Jensen specific)

Notes on setup and sensors and other installation tips here.

A brief article on Hemmings website.

Some shift kits for 727 and 518 transmissions here.

The story on the Jensen Monday Club about putting a 518 into an Interceptor.
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by Peter Jackson » Tue Aug 30, 2011 12:18 pm

A bit more info re fitting a 518 behind a big block Chrysler.
I dont like adapter plates and when I priced the JVX kit as used by the Monday club it was in the region of $550US.
Another option is the JW Ultrabell. It is an SFI approved bellhousing used in drag racing in the states and is available in big block chrysler to 727 configuration. These Ultrabell remove the requirement for a scatter shield when racing, hence the SFI approval. The one catch is that you must saw the original belhousing off the 518(not for the faint hearted I guess but done all the time in racing) and the Ultrabell bolts directly to the pump at the front of the trans with longer bolts which are provided. Ultrabells are approx $350US and readily available from the States.
I current use an Ultrabell to adapt a 2 speed Powerglide to the 440 Chrysler in my drag car, very good strong product with no problems evident so far.
It all just more food for thought.
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