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I want an FF

by Stoo » Thu Apr 14, 2011 7:42 pm

As the title suggests, I really want an FF - but the catch is that at the moment I have very little in the way of funds to make this a reality .... so does that count?

Whilst one could easily dismiss my claim as ridiculous, I will remind others that there is currently an FF in NZ that was sold to its owner for the grand sum of $1NZ (which is only about 80c in Australia). It has been nicknamed 'the swamp car' for veey good reason - and non of it is positive. Now admittedly, the car was very very rugged and is currently being restored - which is a huge task in itself, but if I offered my budget as being $2000 AUS .... I should be able to reason that I would get an FF that was about 2000 times better. Does that make sense?

All offers may be submitted to me through this site .... but please don't put your offers on the public forum as there are several other 'free loading opportunists' who would steal my thunder if given half a chance!!!! :lol:

It's worth a try.

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