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Interceptor 3 wanted

by Chameleon » Fri Jul 18, 2014 9:09 am

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum, first post. My name is Steve, I'm in Brisbane. I moved from the UK 10 years ago. I have always admired small factory, hand built British cars. I owned a TVR Tuscan S for that reason. Astons are admired but beyond budget.

Back to point, i have decided its time to buy another car I actually enjoy.

So I'm after a interceptor 3 - ideally a 1975 (birth year) but certainly not essential, and might consider earlier models. I would like a car I can use immediately but doesn't have to be immaculate. I'm not in a disparate hurry but need some knowledge and advise prior to purchase.

So I've seen the 3 currently on car sales, haven't done anything as there interstate for me and I wouldn't know what I'm looking for. Does anyone have info or knowledge on any of them?

I hope this doesn't offend but eventually I'd like to make some improvements - the likes of the interceptor ss.

How is the ss viewed? Modern fuel efficient engine, good brakes etc etc.

Anyway, tips would be highly appreciated for looking for an interceptor 3,


Steve aka chameleon
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by hemi » Fri Jul 18, 2014 3:53 pm

HI Steve.

I too was a long time admirer, about 25 years, and partly for the same reasons you've described. Finding one in my birth year (1971) was a bit of a job and I settled on a 1970, which was also an Interceptor II and I had a preference for the III. Anyway, despite these very minor compromises, I absolutely LOVE my car. It is far from perfect but even after you take away the sight of one (sit in it and close your eyes) you've got the fantastic smell of a leather interior, the engine sound(s), the effortless acceleration and the knowledge a band of craftsman constructed the car with loads of subtle differences from others - and these cars are astonishingly undervalued.

Anyway, whilst my funds don't allow, I think an 'upgrade' to an injected engine (LS2/3/supercharged) would be fantastic, and an improvement on reliability, performance and economy, however it would detract from the 'tinker' factor and ultimately change the car - not that that's necessarily a bad thing, but perhaps a good reason to have one modified and one standard :D I've always had Land Rovers and they can certainly challenge your faith!!

One will pop up with your name on it, and there's a few fellows here from Brisbane, and perhaps some contacts in the Jensen Car Club of Australia may have some leads - they're a very social bunch. Also, 'Stoo' may have a lead, so no doubt he'll make contact at some stage.

Good luck with your search, and all the best.

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by Stoo » Sat Jul 19, 2014 7:42 pm

Hi Steve & Matt,

The Mk3 Interceptor is a fine machine in good order and highly sought after. It is possible to purchase a later Mk3 Series 4 Interceptor that was built until the factory shut its' doors on that fateful day in 1976, however it may surprise many to know that I know of very few 1975 or 1976 Interceptors in Australia .... although there are a number of 1973 or 1974 Interceptors around. So it seems, your chances of a 1976 model are pretty slim, to say the least.

Flick me your email address and I will email you a current list of known Jensens for sale. You may also like to join the JChats list, which is a Jensen blog that I email out regularly to over 500 Jensen enthusiasts around the world. It is free of charge.

All the best in your search. As Matt has stated, they are simply an awesome machine ... buy the right one and you will love it ... but, buy the wrong one and you will regret it for ever.

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by Chameleon » Sun Jul 20, 2014 12:55 am

Hi Stoo,

I will figure out how to PM and send email address.

Yes fully agree about finding a decent car vs money pit, I owed a Citroen DS once a upon a time and was rudely introduced to classic cars the wrong way.

I would really appreciate advise on exactly what to look for, or if anyone knows history of good vehicles.

I have read that series 2 were better built than 3's - is there validity to this and if so where is the build quality more noticeable?

I'd guess bodywork is No1 priority, but whether interior/trim is more important than engine/trans or electrics? How are Jensens with electric gremlins?

Another question, is there a way to know Australian delivered vehicles vs UK? Would it be in the chassis No. Book? Is this book worth getting to confirm vehicle details?

Many thanks

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by dinofritz » Mon Jul 21, 2014 10:47 am

Hi Steve,

Congratulations on your decision, now it's trying to find the right one!

When restoring my Mk III, I've personally looked over several Mk III's from 1972, 73 "74 and I've also had the opportunity to work on a '75 model as well. One of the things that struck me was the continuous development that Jensen were putting into the cars over this period, with simple little improvements like the panel on the back of the evaporator having nuts welded onto it (wasn't like this in most cars before early 74's), and reinforcing bars behind the corners of the front bumper to the chassis to strengthen this area in case of an accident (any minor hit here bends the panel - ouch) on the '75 and older cars.

As for what to look for, yes, I would look for bodywork as a #1, then interiors (make sure you look at an original interior to see the quality of the leather trim, the fit, the luxury of the original Wilton carpets (around $1500 to purchase vs a cheaper carpet for 1/3 of the price)), then electricals and mechanicals. Luckiy, Oz delivered cars wouldn't suffer rust as the UK cars, but If you're good at bodywork or painting, you may want to reconsider those priority areas.

As for electricals......heh'll learn why they call Lucas the Prince of Darkness. Remember that you're buying into a car around 40 years old, so electrics won't be perfect unless it's been rewired, and the engine bay heat is mainly responsible for this. The good news is that you can buy wiring looms from the UK (and they are complex to build yourself) at reasonable prices, and they can be rebuilt with success.

If you want estimates of total bodywork, resprays, interior retrims, electrical rewires, engine and transmission rebuilds, drop me a line - I went through it all around 15 years ago and you can just estimate the price increases from there!

If you're shopping for cars, I would definitely recommend buying the Chassis data book, as it will help you distinguish delivery origin, original colours, interior colours and options. And two final recommendation - go to a car club gathering and ask questions (everyone is SOOOOO approachable in this group), and even go for a drive, as this will help tremendously, and secondly, I would recommend that you try to learn how to do some of the restoration yourself, as you will save a lot of money on the finishing touches, and ensure that they are done to a high quality and done right!

Cheers, and feel free to ask more questions
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by Chameleon » Fri Jul 25, 2014 9:13 am

Hi Dino,

Thanks for the great reply.

I've read that later models were improved but quality standards dropped. An oxymoron I guess!

Unfortunately I'm a novice with car repairs, I can certainly change oil and filters and don't mind getting my hands dirty and a challenge BUT I have no skills so would worry about implementing correct procedures and standards.

I would welcome estimates for all the works mentioned and think it would be good on this forum as general knowledge, however I ideally would like a car that I can enjoy immediately without much hassle.

My long term plan would be to paint in a colour of my choice (so would need pre-matching interior) brake upgrade, suspension upgrade - if felt needed and engine improvements/overdrive etc. - Or either efi/stoked 440 or LS3 /LSA transplant (with trans).

A dream would be V10.

I'll buy the chassis data book thanks.

I'm in a Qld so I can't see many meeting happening locally (correct me if I'm wrong?) however I may travel interstate if highly recommended.

As mentioned above, I'm not against doing my own work, but would worry about not doing it correctly.

I'm jumping about here, but I'd guess buying a good example is a lot cheaper than buying a restoration project (even with own labour).


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by hemi » Fri Jul 25, 2014 1:09 pm

Hi Steve.

There's a '73 in Wagga Wagga on Carsales that has been listed for quite some time. Mine sat around for 2 years before my offer was accepted, and it's been a good one, so it (Wagga) might be worth an inspection?? It's been fitted with fuel injection and is listed for $22,750 - down from $27,000 odd. That one in Gympie started off at $35k i think, so there's certainly room to move.

Anyway, get in touch with the JCCA, their magazine lists cars for sale and there's people who know people....

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by Chameleon » Wed Aug 06, 2014 9:24 am

Hi Matt,

Yeah I seen the yellow car in Wagga advertised, I was not sure what to make of a EFI, I know it would help starting/economy but didn't know if it could be done badly, or with wrong or inferior parts vs edelbrock etc.
Wagga of course is a bit of a difficult place to get to from Brisbane. The ad has gone but I've kept the guys number.

Unless anyone knows if it's sold?

I've paid and signed up for JOC so hopefully get some options that way also.


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by sceptor 512 » Fri Aug 08, 2014 12:40 am

Hi Steve.
buying a jensen with good body work is the way to will save heaps of time and money.
im in the process off painting mine and i think it will take a lot longer than originaly planned.
Buying a car in the same birth year is bonus, 1972 was a good year,my car is 4 days older than me.
engine upgrades.everyone runs a chev motor,yeah they are probably cheaper and get good horse power easier than other brands,
but why doesnt someone put in the new hemi 6.2
anyway good luck with the search.
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by Interceptor3 » Fri Aug 08, 2014 6:42 am

Having watched this video, I think I have decided what I want in my car. And it is not an LSx motor.
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