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Jensen Motor Association of WA - new office bearers

by chrisl » Fri Jun 10, 2016 12:27 am

Dear all

After a year of being dormant due to me being continually overseas and the members unable to stump up a volunteer to do the work, the JMA WA now has a new set of office bearers:

President - Peter Mack
tel. 08 9386 3656 mob. 0403 063 656
Secretary - Colin Jenkinson
tel - 08 6369 0781 mob. 0409 885 348

It's been going since 1980 and notwithstanding the tyranny of distance from the rest of Oz, has on its books owners of just about every type of Jensen except some of the early models.

Some of you might also have seen pics of a recent outing in one of Stoo's Jenchats.
Chris L
J-H Mk 1 11327
GT 30305
Perth, WA
('Can anyone smell petrol...?')
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